We Cannot Let Greed Evict 30,000 Louisiana Citizens from Nursing Homes

“We cannot provide services with no money to pay for them,” Louisiana Department of Health Secretary, Dr. Rebekah Gee, told reporters last Wednesday. She was addressing the probable eviction of 30,000 Louisiana citizens from local nursing homes. As you may have already read in the national press, the state may be about to put your grandmother on the street--and if we do, it’ll be because our state legislature is incapable of passing a humane budget.

Not only is the state having to explain why 30,000 of our friends and neighbors are about to be made homeless, but also why the 25,000 professionals employed to care for them will soon be out of the job.

If you think that’s an exaggeration, I direct your attention to statements made by the Louisiana Nursing Home Association.

These are the exact same policies Garret Graves has advocated for his entire adult life--in Congress, and elsewhere. My opponent has repeatedly and zealously attacked the state’s decision to expand Medicaid, and he gladly voted to support congress’s decision to empty the Federal treasury of the very funds used to support these same vital programs.

Your vote matters. Don’t think any campaign is too small or too much of a long-shot to help you and those you love. Turn out for Justin DeWitt on election day, and he’ll turn out for you when Jindal flunkies like Garret Graves and his friends in the legislature come for our most vulnerable friends and family.

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